Prevensia en bref                                                                                            La gestion de crises avec Smart-Alert

Thanks to the fruit of our 15 years experience in Consulting and IT engineering provided to large companies, we are enabling you to benefit from the best part of our know-how.

With our Smart-Alert solution :
We have placed at your disposal a tool-box containing the most innovative and complete catalogue of services in order to provide a relevant answer to your demands in terms of Managing Crisis and unforeseen Emergency-type situations

With our routing platform :
Manage your electronically-based communication on a daily basis. 
By means of our highly available and secure routing platform we support you in making it possible for you to send out SMS, e-mails or vocal messages towards lists of targeted receivers, thanks to a simple and friendly interface

Our services are marketed in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode and may therefore be accessed through a https secure Internet connection (via a PC or smart-phone……). Regarding the Smart-Alert subscription, data is saved on a daily basis and each client disposes of an especially dedicated, secure space

Thanks to an ultra-redundant technical and software infrastructure which is hosted in a professional data centre based in France, you are able to dispose of today’s most advanced technology




Mapping and classification according to type of your company's potential risksDefining crisis scenarios which are adaped to the risks identified




Building crisis scenarios









Analyzing after the crisis has broken outCorrecting and improving organizational procedure if necessary

















ACTING - REACTING :Triggering off required scenario when the crisis occurs, or dynamically creating an adapted one followed by its triggering-off (for emergency cases or completely unforeseeable crisis)Alerting and mobilizing automatically the managers concerned by the crisisActivating the steps of the scenario