Smart-Alert : Business Continuity and Crisis Management

An innovative alternative which constitutes a breakthrough  with other solutions on the market
Exceptional human engineeringAn easy-to-pick up idea Innovative Technology as well as Conception Relevant features


This solution, which is based on some of the concepts of Design Process, enables you to create scenarios graphically which combine different actions capable of :

- Mobilizing Staff

- Offering space for several targeted persons to communicate in real time (through conference calls or chats, amongst others)

- Alerting in mass (Citizen Défense) or in a targeted manner

- Piloting and co-ordinating people from a distance

- Others...

Thanks to the way in which the scenarios are graphically illustrated, it is possible to have a clear and overall view of the actions of which they are made up.

When faced with an unforeseen event, an emergency or the unreeling of a situation, it is possible to even create a complex scenario dynamically in hardly 2 or 3 minutes, which is adapted to the situation and to trigger it off in real time.

The way in which a scenario's actions unreel may be observed graphically in real time.

A detailed report is automatically generated after the scenario has been executed.

The guaranteed broadcasting of your voice messages towards a defined number of people within a limited amount of time

We guarantee a high reliability level by means of a binding SAL containing penalty clauses for :

- Availability

- The guaranteed broadcasting of your voice messages towards a defined number of people within a limited amount of time


Our solution's effectiveness has been proven in particular in emergency situation and incident management, as well as in both citizen protection and the activating and follow-up of crisis plans and BCPs (Business Continuity Planning).




Some insight into the solution by means of examples :

Graphical representation of your company or organization


  Graphical representation on an 'N' level of your company or
  organization on a global level (continents, countries, subsidiarys,
  departments, management...) with detailed departmental views


Example of a crisis report Crisis scenario template


Graphical viewing of the crisis reports making it possible to analyze   closely the way in which a crisis scenario has unreeled, in order to   establish in doing so possible axes for improvement :

Possible remedial actions with regard to the scenario and   organizational procedure...


Intelligent graphical template illustrating crisis scenarios adapted to each identified risk : Orchestration of actions depending on the type of situation (Alerts in the form of voice messages - SMS - e-Mails, setting up of information hotlines, organizing conference calls, ...)

Interaction with external data or events (version to come) opening the way to several options (like, for example, bearing in mind information concerning regulatory risks, or data coming from sensors, amongst others...)



The solution's specific features...   The solution's advantages…
Services are delivered in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode   Immediate application and activation
For the client : transparency of offer up-dates and development
No invetment either in material or persons to ensure the maintenance of the offer in working condition
Exceptional graphics and human engineering   Totally graphical and simple-to-understand interface
Quick to pick up
Clear overall view of data and screens
Solution designed with nationally and internationally-sized companies in mind   Efficiency and flexibility in order to adapt 
Unlimited 'N' level flowcharts and scenarios
Rapid identification and selection of persons designated to receive alert or information messages…
Guaranteed availability   Completely redundant equipment
Accessibility   Application accessible anytime, anywhere throughout the world. Https internet access via PCs, Mobile phones, Smartphones…
Security   Highly secured platform
Client data duplicated and safeguarded on a daly basis
Alert broadcasting time guaranteed   Contractual commitment regarding both voice message broadcasting time and availability (SLA containing penalty clauses)
Pro-reactivity - Real time management   Real time activation and triggering off of a crises scenario
Real time follow-up of the scenario's unreeling
Possibility of adapting a scenario in real time
Real time communication space   Conference calls, Chats with the possibility of exchanging/ sending documents (Procedure record, Plans...)
Reports and Analysis of the scenarios triggered off   Reporting of data and incidents associated with the crisis
Represented through tables/ graphs with a view to analyzing  and improving organizational procedure