Smart-Alert : Business Continuity - Crisis Management

A solution which is simple-to-use, strong and fearsomely efficient

Smart-Alert, which is available in SaaS mode, is an innovative alternative and a breakthrough compared with the other solutions presently on the market.  This solution, which is based on the concepts deriving from Design Process makes it possible to graphically create scenarios which combine different actions capable of :

puce_orange Mobilizing staff

puce_orange Offering space for several targeted persons to communicate in real time  through conference calls, chats, amongst others...)

puce_orange Alerting either in mass (citizen alerts) or in a targeted manner

puce_orange Remote piloting and co-ordinating

Our solution's effectiveness has been proven in particular in crisis management and situations which are exceptionally unusual and in which emergency action takes precedence over the rest


Your every-day communication : flow routing

Based on a highly available and secure platform,  this offer is dedicated in providing solutions to your every-day communication needs. According to your needs, you may choose from a catalog of various services including communication via SMS, e-mails, voice messages : communication campaigns, messages sent out daily towards targeted members of staff, amongst others...

Sending SMS   Sending e-Mails
Broadcasting voice messages