Our specific characteristics


Our offers and services

A company at the forefront of crises and emergency situations management

Established expertise
In alerts systems
In mobilizing and co-ordinating


Offers in cloud computing



Constant R&D investment to get the most from the latest technological breakthroughs and to bring you always more



A close relationship with our clients which enables us to listen attentively to them so that we can make our offers develop in a relevant manner.

Business Continuity and Crisis Management

Mobilizing staff - Co-ordination - Alerts..



Smart-Alert : An innovative solution enabling you to manage crisis and emergency situations


Managing your elecronic communication methods

Sending SMS - E-Mails - Voice messages...


A highly availably and secure routing platform to guarantee your electronically-based communication and the safe delivery of sensitive flow


Advice on Risk mapping and adapted processes



A team of experts to both guide and advise you